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Administrative Organization

Appointed Professors and Deans

조직현황 구성
Title Name Tel Fax Responsibilities
Dean, College of Computing Hee-kuck Oh 전화아이콘031-400-1000  
School Director, School of Computer Science Scott Uk-Jin Lee 전화아이콘031-400-5238  
School Director, School of Media, Culture and Design Technology Gyou-hyung Kyung 전화아이콘031-400-1054  
Department Chair, Department of Artificial Intelligence Young-hoon Kim 전화아이콘031-400-5664  
Department Chair, Major in Computer Science for Emerging Technology Scott Uk-Jin Lee 전화아이콘031-400-5238  
Department Chair, Major in Design Technology   전화아이콘   
Department Chair, Major in Industrial Artificial Intelligence Dong-ho Lee 전화아이콘031-400-5236  

Administration Team

조직현황 구성
Rank Name Tel Fax Responsibilities
Director Yu-jeong Jang 전화아이콘031-400-1002 031-400-1009 General Management
Manager Jin-hee Bae 전화아이콘031-400-1003 031-400-1009 Academic and General Affairs
Assistant Manager Jin-Yeong Park 전화아이콘031-400-1006 031-400-1009 Graduate School/Scholarships/Facilities
Staff Hye-min Lee 전화아이콘031-400-1005 031-400-1009 Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology
Staff Na-rae Ju 전화아이콘031-400-1004 031-400-1009 Division of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence