홈으로화살표Graduate School화살표School of Computing

School of Computing

Here, we introduce the Graduate School of Hanyang University which contributes to the social development and human society.

School of Computing of our Graduate School provides Master’s Degree programs and Doctoral Degree programs in Computer
Engineering. The Master's Degree program trains the talents for computer industry, while the Doctoral Degree program trains advanced talents to lead universities, laboratories, and industries. The Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs of our Graduate
School are based on the basic knowledge in engineering and require creative and logical thinking.

Currently active fields of research and education include computer vision, advanced operating systems, process of natural
language, parallel and distributed computing, data communication, information security, high-performance computing,
multimedia system, program analysis, intelligent agents, software structure, database, knowledge-based systems,
and ubiquitous computing, etc.
Location105ho, Hakyeonsan cluster centerTel+82-31-400-1006 / (Fax) Link to Website
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