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Creative improvement of an advanced industry-academy cooperation paradigm
based on the Academy-Research-Industry cluster campus

학연산 클러스터 캠퍼스+지역산업 → HY-RAINBOW (Creative Hybrid) → 한앙대학교 + 지역기업 공생발전HY-RAINBOW
Hanyang University
Regional Growth
Advanced Start-ups
Innovative Lecture System
Network Convergence
Biz Incubation
Open Research System
World Move
The LINC project, or the Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation project, was selected as the technology-innovation university in the capital area on Mar 2012, so that carrying
forward the industry-university cooperation projects for 5 years till 2017. The university was selected for the 1st stage of the Industry-Academy Cooperation Centered University
Cultivation Project in 2004, as the only general university in the capital area and also selected as the Excellent University in the second stage of the aforementioned project in 2009.
Now, the university continues its chain of successes with nomination for the LINC project and is now engaged in the project with a view to expand the initiative industry-academy
cooperation systems based on the cluster campus (ERICA).

With this LINC project, the systematic education within the regional innovative cluster will be provided to the students of ERICA Campus. The university also established special
education programs, in order to train the practice-oriented personnel in order to meet the demands of industries. Especially, by using the Academy-Research-Industry cluster
environment which is the strong point of ERICA campus of Hanyang University, the university is now contributing to the growth of the regional economy by cultivating technologies
and talents, including the green technology and the development area of the fusion and convergence technology both of which are the growth engine of the next generation.