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Dean’s greetings

‘Software is eating the world’,
‘Every company is a software company.’

‘Software is eating the world.’, ‘Every company is a software company.’
We know such a statement means something to us, as we now live in a software-centered society.
ERICA Campus of Hanyang University has established College of Computing in order to train
global leaders and entrepreneurs who will lead the new era of software-centered world.
The College of Computing is composed of the Division of Software, which receive 100 new students each year,
and the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology, which receive 70.
The Division of Software, carries on the legacy of School of Computing, which was established for the first time
in Hanyang University in 1985 and had trained so many talented minds who led computer and software industry
in South Korea. And, the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology, which has recently been established,
took its first step toward its goal of training talents of convergence who can create new technologies
and services that can make our world better through their ability to think and handle software.

College of Computing also establishes a convergence major, called New Industry Software Major in order to
enhance the software capabilities of all students in ERICA Campus. Any students majoring in any discipline
may additionally take the convergence major program to earn an additional degree of engineering.
This will help them turn themselves into the software-convergence talents who can lead the new industries
of the future by using their knowledge in original major as well as the ability to think in terms
of computing and utilize software convergence.

At the epicenter of ERICA Campus, our College of Computing is ascending to become a prestigious institute
through the quality of its education and the unique education methods focused on practical training.
We hope you will also design your future along our ERICA-way.
Gyeonggu Doh, Dean