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Innovation center for engineering education

Innovation of Hanyang, and Future Engineering EducationInnovation Center !

The Engineering Education Certification System aims to train the global engineers who can meet the requirement of the industry today and are equipped with the skills they need,
with a view to stimulate exchanges of engineering technologies between member countries and facilitate the progress of engineering education. This program is oriented to
customer-centered and performance-centered education. ABEEK, or Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea, has suggested eight criteria for certification of
engineering education, which are, respectively, educational objectives; evaluation of learning achievements; subject areas; students; faculty members; educational environment;
improvement of education, and certification criteria by majors. As of 2014, 88 universities across the country have 573 certified engineering major programs, including ERICA
Campus of Hanyang University.

Engineering Education Certification System

The effect of the certified programs will result in enhancing engineering capabilities and competitiveness of students, universities, industries, and, in the end, the whole country.
And the effects related the engineering education are as follows.
공학교육인증 평가에 따른 인증효과 = 학생:수요 지향 교육이수를 통한 취업경쟁력 우위확보, 국가 간 학위의 등가성 확보를 통한 해외취업,진학 및 자격증 취득시 유리 / 산업체 : 창의성과 현장 적응력을 갖춘 인재 채용을 통해 기업의 경쟁력 향상, 신입사원 재교육을 위한 시간 및 경비 절감 / 국가 및 사회 : 글로벌 스탠더드에 부학하는 공학교육 인증에 후원을 통해 사회에서 필요로 하는 다양한 인재공급, 산업체를 포함한 사회에서 요구하는 다양한 인재의 육성을 통해 국가 경쟁력 강화 / 대학 : 지속적인 강의 품질 개선을 통해 졸업생의 역량보장을 통한 대학의 경쟁력 제고, 인증 받은 학위과정 운영을 통해 우수 신입생 유치에 유리, 글로벌 스탠더드를 준수하는 교육체계 구축을 통해 해외 유학생 확보에 유리

HI-MAC School

GCTI(Grand Challenge Tech + Innovator)Train creative, convergence-minded talents of global level for creating new industries and realizing Creative Economy

University ERICA
Hanyang University ERICA
Innovation &
Indus try Curriculum
Innovation & Indus try
Cultivates entrepreneurship
  • Innovative
    entrepreneurship camp
  • Leadership camp
  • Programs specialized in job
    seeking/career education
  • Career exploration camp
  • Job-seeking camp
Global and
Multicultural Curriculum
Strengthens the global mindset and provides experience
  • Global camp
  • ERICA Engineering Volunteer Work Group
  • Overseas internship
Amalgamation Curriculum
Amalgamation Curriculum
Enhances convergence capabilities
  • Vision camp
  • Multi-disciplinary convergence capstone design
  • Multi-school year convergence project
  • Creativity/convergence capability enhancement program
Creativity curriculum
Creativity Curriculum
Enhances the creative and convergence type problem solving abilities
  • External Mentor
    Capstone design
  • IeT Competition for building creativity
  • Optimized job-seeking/career
  • Education programs for engineering students

Engineering education innovation project

Required programs
Multi-disciplinary/global conversion Capstone design
development operation and identification support
Capstone design program for external mentoring by enterprisesOpening and operating Creative Engineering Capstone Design
Enterprise-centered/R&D-centered field practice program operationInvigoration of the joint curricula with industry/research field
Facilitation of field trip and discussion sessions with enterprisesOperation of industrial-academic committees and expansion
of the pool
Systematic engineering education innovation roadmap
improvement to realize project outcomes in a stepwise manner
Support for the student reporter group and achievement
promotion activities
Establish and improve a result-centered engineering education
innovation evaluation system.
Holding/sponsoring international and domestic competitions
to facilitate creativity
Specialized Programs
type(Autonomous Specialization)
Operates global internship try-out programsOperates the technical support to the ERICA Engineering
Volunteer Group
Operates the C-Track curricula which focuses on the industry-
connected creativity clusters
Tech-Biz Reinforcement Type(Period Specialization)
Develops and operates convergence education curriculaOperates multi-school years convergence projectsHolds IeT competitions to enhance creativityStrengthens entrepreneurial competency customized for
engineering students in cooperation with the Start-up
Training Center
Program development and operation support
Job-seeking/career education customized for engineering
students in connection with the Career Development Center
Develops and operates of specialized programs
Develops, operates, and supports patent strategy enhancement
Connected with the base center for K-innovator certification
Establishes and operates HI-MAC school
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